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ICMA will continue to build on its activities to act as a source of accurate, evidence-based information on medical abortion. It will both produce its own materials as well as help disseminate appropriate available existing materials and tools. Planned activities include:

  • Translation and dissemination of the Information Package on Medical Abortion

The Information Package on Medical Abortion has been translated into Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi and Russian. These versions have been posted on the ICMA website.  Additionally, the information has been copied onto CDs for distribution in regions with less Internet access.  The first draft of the CD was been pre-tested in Hyderabad at Fourth Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights. 

In 2010, the Information Package will be translated into Malay, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. The CDs and information about how to access the Information Package on the ICMA website will be disseminated at conferences and meetings, by Steering Committee and other ICMA members, and through an electronic newsletter. Additionally, ICMA will work with international, regional and national professional societies (ob/gyn, midwives, etc), the regional networks, and relevant civil society groups to make the Information Package widely available. 

In 2009-10, ICMA will develop new content areas for the Information package and website, including materials directed specifically at younger women.

  • Expansion of the ICMA website

The ICMA website will be expanded to include topical information on medical abortion, information on the status of medical abortion and abortion services in countries, news from countries, law and policy issues regarding abortion more broadly, and links to other groups and materials. The website will also be used to facilitate information sharing, networking and advocacy among ICMA’s members and other groups working to expand access to safe abortion worldwide.