Countries Abortion Profile


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1. Law related to Abortion
2. Policy
3. Second Trimester Abortion
4. Practice
5. Reproductive Health Perspective
6. Abortion Statistics
7. Public sector
8. Private sector
9. Methods used
10. Provider level allowed for surgical and medical abortion
11. Abortion related morbidity mortality statistics
12. Manufacture and/or availability through import of abortion equipment (MVA syringes, EVA equipment)
13. Manufacture/ import of Mifepristone, Misoprostol
14. Facility and provider certification norms in brief
15. Information available in national service delivery standards
16. Informal / illegal providers – if present who are they
17. Population urban/ rural: Demography of the country, with an analysis of availability of abortion services ratio to population
18. Role of government
19. Role of religion/ religious leaders
20. Local Ob Gyn societies
21. Current status and potential of research
22. Awareness amongst community members
23. Role of member organization/ individual