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ICMA and its partner organizations has considered  the creation of a new network in Eastern Europe region (including NIS countries) in order to provide women of these countries with better access to safe and quality abortion services.

First initial meeting took place on 20-22 June 2008 in Kiev, were the possibility of the establishment of the Eastern European Network has been discussed and future plans and strategy have been developed.
The new network has been called “Eastern European Alliance for Reproductive Choice” (EEARC).
Dr. Galina Maistruk, Head of Board NGO “Women’s Health and Family Planning” ( Ukraine ) has been elected as a coordinator of the network.

See more on EEARC meeting report 21-22 June 2008, Kyiv.


For additional information please do not hesitate to contact
Nadia Bedrichuk, program assistant, “Women’s Health and Family Planning”
e-mail:   .

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