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  • Establish an international network of organizations and individuals interested in medical abortion, including for those working to make medical abortion available in safe conditions for women.
  • Support the initiation of regional networks.
  • Develop the ICMA website to share information and resources on medical abortion and provide links to information and materials produced by others in the field.
  • Produce a comprehensive information package in several languages that can be adapted and used in many settings, that will be of use to:
-  women and women's groups
-  abortion providers, family planning and other reproductive health service providers, and health system managers
-  women's health advocates
-  policymakers and parliamentarians
-  international agencies, health and related NGOs, donors and other international   stakeholders.
  • Organize meetings and conferences on medical abortion.
  • Participate in relevant international activities to advocate for safe abortion, including medical abortion, worldwide.