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Steering Committee


The Steering Committee currently consists of nine individuals with abortion-related expertise in advocacy, service delivery and training, representing a broad information base from among the Consortium's members. The majority of Steering Committee members come from developing countries or countries in transition, with an appropriate gender balance and geographic distribution. Steering Committee members participate in Steering Committee meetings, commit time to Consortium activities and represent and promote the Consortium at conferences they attend and in other activities in which they are involved.




The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • determining the strategies and priority activities of the Consortium;
  • ensuring review of, and approving, materials developed for dissemination;
  • the establishment and membership of the Working Groups;
  • determining attendance at conferences and other meetings on behalf of the Consortium; and ensuring that funding is obtained to undertake the Consortium's activities.


ICMA Steering Committee 2015


1. Marge Berer, ICMA Honorary Chair

Reproductive Health Matters, UK

E-mail: mberer@rhmjournal.org.uk




Chairing Committee


2. Beverly Winikoff

Gynuity Health Projects, President, USA

E-mail: bwinikoff@gynuity.org



3. Kinga Jelinska

Director, Women Help Women

E-mail: jelinska@xs4all.nl


4. Suchitra Dalvie

ASAP, Coordinator, India

E-mail: suchidoc@hotmail.com


5. Susana Chavez

CLACAI, Coordinator, Peru

E-mail: susana@promdsr.org




6. Galina Maistruk

Foundation "Women health & Family Planning", Ukraine



7. Daniel Grossman

Ibis Reproductive Health, USA / representative of CLACAI to ICMA SC



8. Emma Bowa

ANMA, Coordinator, Kenya



9. Rodica Comendant

Reproductive Health Training Centre, Moldova

E-mail: comendantrodica@yahoo.com




11. Bela Ganatra, observer

World Health Organization, Switzerland

E-mail: ganatrab@who.int




ICMA Regional Networks Coordinators 2015


Susana Chavez

Coordinator of Latin America and the Caribbean Network - Latin American and Caribbean Consortium against Unsafe Abortion (CLACAI)



Suchitra Dalvie

Coordinator of Asian Network - Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP)

E-mail: suchidoc@hotmail.com


Galina Maistruk

Coordinator of Eastern European Network - Eastern European Alliance for Reproductive Choice (EEARC)

E-mail: maistruk@rhr.org.ua


Emma Bowa

Coordinator of African Network on Medical Abortion (ANMA)

E-mail: emmabowa@gmail.com



ICMA Staff 2015


George Hale

Financial and Administrative Manager

Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos – PROMSEX, Peru




Raisa Ferrer:

Liliana Huaraca:

Jorge Apolaya:

Media and Social Networks team

Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos – PROMSEX, Peru


The Consortium is not:

·         determine norms and standards;

·         carry out programmes and research in countries; or

·         make grants or act as a conduit for funding.