Global advocacy on safe abortion

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ICMA continues to maintain an active profile of advocacy for access to medical abortion within the broader context of safe abortion by organizing international conferences, participating in conferences organized by other agencies, and facilitating regional training and advocacy campaigns if requested.

Members of ICMA participate in conferences and meetings organized by other agencies, introduce the topic of medical abortion to the discourse and dialogue with stakeholders. This will be achieved as follows:

  • Presenting and disseminating information on medical abortion in national, regional and international meetings on abortion and on reproductive health and rights. The current pattern of participating in meetings organized by partner organizations, international organizations working in sexual and reproductive health and national professional associations will continue.
  • Engaging in dialogue with other relevant organizations and the media to build greater stakeholder commitment and support for making medical abortion more widely known and available. ICMA is engaged, through its members, in dialogue and discussions on relevant and contextual issues that influence access to medical abortion. Examples include reviewing the information and taking a position on recent deaths following medical abortion, and the registration (or proscription) of medical abortion drugs, especially misoprostol, in different countries.