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The International Consortium for Medical Abortion (ICMA) has brought together key players in the field, including advocates, service providers, policymakers and researchers from all regions of the world since 2002 to produce and disseminate information on medical abortion which is relevant to and focused on the needs of women in developing countries and countries in transition, including countries where abortion is unsafe or safe abortion is not accessible.

ICMA was initiated by the Reproductive Health Alliance (RHA) , London, UK, in 2002 and an International Steering Committee was elected to run the Consortium. When RHA closed down at the end of 2003, the coordination of ICMA was temporarily transferred to Reproductive Health Matters, also in London, as the editor was the Co-Chair of ICMA. 

In February 2005, the ICMA Steering Committee appointed a part-time coordinator, Dr Rodica Comendant. Dr Comendant has responsibility for the coordination of ICMA, organization of its activities as agreed by the ICMA Steering Committee, management of its finances, organization of its meetings and fundraising. Administrative and financial matters are managed with the assistance of the Reproductive Health Training Centre (RHTC), based in Chisinau, Moldova.