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The International Consortium for Medical Abortion (ICMA) would like to thank everyone who contributed and provided support and guidance in the process of updating, writing, review, editing, translating, formatting, and design of the Information Package on Medical Abortion.

The first version of the Information Package was developed in 2007 by the ICMA Steering Committee (SC) with TK Sundari Ravindran, an independent researcher on gender, women's health and rights from Trivandrum, India.

In 2011 the ICMA SC decided to update the Info Package, in order to align its content to the new evidences and WHO recommendations from the “Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance, second edition”.

The updating of the sections for women, for women’s advocates and NGOs, as well as the sections for policy makers were completed by Silvina Ramos, a Sociologist and Senior researcher, Center for the Study of State and Society (CEDES).

Beverly Winikoff and Dan Grossman helped update the section for health care providers. ICMA is very grateful to Paul Van Look, who has done the final review and editing of this section.

The ICMA Steering Committee engaged in continuing review of the text and ensured that it was checked and re-checked, consistent across chapters, relevant to developing countries and the audiences it was intended for, and that it was updated as new information became available, including Marge Berer, Mariana Romero, Beverly Winikoff, Dan Grossman, Suchitra Dalvie, and Bela Ganatra.

The translators and editors who translated and edited the Information Package in six additional languages were: Sunita Bhadauria translator and editor for Hindi, Hala Eldamanhoury translator and editor for Arabic, Translation Agency "Corcimaru, Partenerii si Asociatii" S.A. translation and edition for Russian, Ana Paula Portella Ferreira Gomes translator and editor for Portuguese, Marisa Cardon translator, Gabriela Peccio editor for Spanish, and Françoise DeLuca-Lacoste translator and editor for French. We are grateful to all of them for their work in helping us make this information available far beyond an English-speaking readership around the world.

Rodica Comendant, assisted by Irina Sagaidac and Ludmila Tulus, coordinated all the work and ensured that the project as a whole, including peer reviews, editing, translation, and web design were carried out. The web manager, Angela Malaniuc, has placed the info package on the ICMA website

The ICMA Steering Committee is thankful to all of them for their supportive encouragement for everyone involved and their cheerful insistence that the project be completed. This was an important learning exercise for everyone who contributed and we hope it will be a valuable global resource.

The donors whose contribution has made possible this update were:

Packard Foundation
Anonymous donor
Gynuity Health projects
We are extremely grateful for their generous support!

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