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Prepared by:

Dr. Rodica Comendant, ICMA Coordinator
Susan Yanow MSW, Consultant


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Highlights of ICMA’s 2009 accomplishments include:

  • Convened the Third International Conference “Expanding Access to Medical Abortion: Building on Two Decades of Experience”, March 2010, Lisbon, Portugal in collaboration with Ipas and Gynuity Health Project in which around 170 participants from 60 countries around the world participated to share updated information on medical abortion, successful experiences in drug introduction and policy development, and current barriers to access.
  • Expanded work among the regional networks in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, including institutional development activities as well as dissemination, training, advocacy and research activities. Each of the regional networks developed their plans of work based on a comprehensive strategy including diverse and complementary activities such as research, training, information dissemination, advocacy and capacity building.
  • Redesigned the ICMA website and positioned it as a global resource on medical abortion, with new navigation tools, expanded sections linking to each Regional Network, and a new section on abortion laws. ICMA website is mentioned on 80600 other websites globally and is linked to 17061 other websites. It has received over 54,696 visitors. In 2010 the number of visitors increased by 63%, compared to 2009, and the number of page views by 41%.
  • ICMA News development as an electronic newsletter which aims at disseminating updates on research findings, key events from the field, and new legal and regulatory developments at global, regional and national levels. Four numbers were elaborated along this year and disseminated broadly through ICMA´s and the regional networks´ mailing lists and were uploaded on their websites.
  • Participation in panels at global forums targeting stakeholders at the global and regional levels to disseminate information about new developments and issues impacting access to medical abortion drugs and services.
  • As part of the support given to the regional networks, the first training course was held with the aim at contributing to the strengthening of institutional development skills among the regional networks´ coordination and ICMA´s office staffs.
  • Continued organizational changes to better respond to institutional development challenges, including the re-structuring of its technical staff with two-part time positions: Operation Coordinator and Programme Coordinator.
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