ICMA Annual Report 2009

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ICMA Annual Report 2009 

Prepared by:

Dr. Rodica Comendant, ICMA Coordinator

Susan Yanow MSW, Consultant


Highlights of ICMA’s 2009 accomplishments include:

  • The   launch   of  the  African  Network  for  Medical  Abortion  (ANMA).
  • Expanded  activities  in  the  regional  networks  in  Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia,  including  the  launch of websites with information relevant to each region and locally appropriate translations of ICMA materials.
  • Continued organizational growth, including hiring a Network Liaison Officer to increase support of the developing regional networks.
  • The redesign the ICMA website and positioning it as a global resource on medical abortion, with new navigation tools, expanded sections linking to each Regional Network, and a new section on abortion laws. Over 2500 organizations now link to the ICMA website, and it has received over 33,000 visitors.
  • Completion of a full Information Package on medical abortion in the second trimester, with distribution of over 2,000 copies of the Package on CDs.
  • Participation in panels at global forums around the world to disseminate information about new developments and issues impacting access to medical abortion.
  • Laying the groundwork for the 2010 International Conference, Expanding Access to Medical Abortion: Building on  Two Decades of Experience,  inviting over 170  international speakers and participants to a three-day conference in March 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal.


ICMA Annual Report 2009

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