ICMA Annual Report 2008

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Prepared by:

Dr Rodica Comendant, ICMA Coordinator

Susan Yanow MSW, Consultant

Highlights of ICMA’s 2008 accomplishments include:

  • The inauguration of new regional networks in Eastern Europe and Asia
  • The strengthening and growth of the regional network in Latin America/Caribbean
  • Laying the groundwork for a regional network in Africa, launched in early 2009
  • Wide dissemination of the ICMA Medical Abortion Information Package, now available in seven languages, through CDs, conference presentations, and the ICMA website
  • Publication of the 2007 ICMA conference report on second-trimester abortion, and the publication of papers from that conference in Reproductive Health Matters, an internationally circulated peer-reviewed journal
  • Participation in regional and international conferences across the globe to promote medical abortion
  • Updating and expanding ICMA’s website to establish it as a worldwide resource on medical abortion
  • Internal capacity building, including restructuring and expanding ICMA’s staffng

ICMA Annual Report 2008

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