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ICMA activities:

  • Developing and distributing the ICMA information packages for various stakeholder groups about abortion and medical abortion.
  • Expanding the ICMA website to become a global resource with a particular focus on the needs of developing countries and countries in transition.
  • Supporting the Latin American network and newly established Asia and Eastern Europe networks.
  • Development of regional network in Africa region with a view to tailored regional strategies, and expand and disseminate resources and information at country level.
  • Convening a third international conference in 2009 that aims to take stock of the state of play in respect of medical abortion world-wide.
  • Participating in key international and regional conferences and activities to increase knowledge and build stakeholder support in respect of medical abortion.
  • Developing strategies for resource mobilization and sustainable development.
  • Building capacities and develop ICMA to reflect evolving organizational needs.