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ICMA Statement on Misoprostol Internet Sale

27 May 2009



ICMA is pleased to announce that the updated Information Package on Medical Abortion is now available for download and reading on medicalabortionconsortium.com 

This updated version of the ICMA Information Package on Medical Abortion has been revised in accordance with the WHO’s Safe abortion: Technical and policy guidance for health systems, second edition (2012) and other evidence-based technical guidances and recommendations. The ICMA Information Package on Medical Abortion contains comprehensive information on medical abortion, addressed to a broad range of audiences, including women who may be seeking an abortion, women's groups and organizations, health policymakers and health care providers.

ICMA Info Package contents:

Some of the sections of the info package are available in six additional languages: Russian (sections 1, 2, 3, 4), French (sections 1 and 3), Spanish (sections 1 and 3), Portuguese (sections 1 and 3), Hindi (sections 1 and 3) and Arabic (sections 1, 2, 3, 4).

ICMA would like to thank everyone who contributed and provided support and guidance in the process of updating, writing, review, editing, translating, formatting and design of the Information Package on Medical Abortion.

On behalf of ICMA team,
Rodica Comendant, MD, PhD
ICMA operations coordinator



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Medical abortions in Japan

The government is unwilling to introduce medical abortion into Japan. Instead the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare stressed the fact that medical abortion was not approved in Japan and called for voluntary restraint of importing medical abortion in their announcement in 2004, without studying what medical abortion was and how it is being used globally.      more on ICMA Newsletter nr 6 >>